DIY 3D printer – Building RepRap Prusa i3 in Sri Lanka (work in progress)

This post summarizes building a RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer here in Sri Lanka, with my father’s help as well (who is a heavy CNC enthusiast). Project is still on going and I will be updating this same post as I move ahead. This post acts as a journal for myself to look at various prices and places I got different parts from. Therefore, this post might be helpful for another enthusiast who is trying to build RepRap Prusa i3 or any other 3D printer, here in Sri Lanka. However, it is about a work in progress project. If you are looking for an end-to-end, complete DIY guide, this is not the place to look for.

Bill of Material  :

Build Manual :

Why 3D Printer?

and then watch below more realistic videos,

Creating Gears in OpenSCAD

Tutorial: Using OpenSCAD To Make Your Wife Happy

Creating Complex Objects in OpenSCAD

To be continued….


Plastic Parts

At the time I did not know anyone with a 3D printer, who could print all the printed parts needed to build the Prusa i3 Rework. Therefore, I ordered them from eBay seller “tsukasa10“, links for the item I purchased is mentioned below (might not be available now). Total cost was around USD 24.5. It is better to go for parts printed with ABS


Screws, nuts and washers

Purchased all the screws, nuts and washers at Madhawa Traders, Panchikawaththa. Actually I bought more than what is necessary for  RepRap Prusa i3 (sometimes 5 pieces where only 1 was necessary). Cost for all the pieces including extras was around SLR (Rs.) 3000.00. If you are planning buy from the same place, go with a properly printed list of parts you need. Piece of advice, do not ask anyone around for the location of the shop 😉 . You will end up giving the guy some money for taking you to the door step of the shop. Then he will not leave until the order is complete and also he will secretly take a commission from the shop as well (which ultimately comes out of your pocket). Look for the place based on the address (1st floor, G.I.G building).




Obviously eBay. If you know local places with better prices, please do let me know in comments.

Try to by Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4 together. I got RAMPS 1.4 + Mega 2560 + 5x A4988 + LCD 12864 Controller for USD 32. Surely, will cost more if you bought them separately. Also when buying Arduino Mega be sure to check if USB bridge is ATMEGA16u2 and not the old Atmega8U2.

Endstops (nothing special to mention):

Thermistor (nothing special to mention):


Mechanical Parts

LM8UU (nothing special to mention) :

Coupling (look for 5x5mm flexible coupling) :

624 ball brearing (look for 624ZZ) :

608 ball bearing (look for 608ZZ) :


Motors (Nema 17)



To be continued…

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