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pb Business Solutions


  • Special Features
    • Demo video gallery for customers
    • AJAX based product showcases
    • SEF URLs and improved SEO

Ayoma has been absolutely superb in every respect. (Quality of work, communication, suggestions etc). Above all he has been extraordinarily patient with me whilst i have changed my mind a number of times. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to other potential customers.

Mr. Paul Boyes, Owner, pb Business Solutions

Pemexa -UK


  • Special Features
    • Even management system
    • Fully automated online shop – (to sell conventions tickets)
    • Photo gallery
    • Community forum

I would have loved to say something exceptional than excellent. This guy is good, focused and committed to all tasks. Ran into issues with paying cart which he sorted with no delay. I can only highly recommend him and will use him any time I need something done @RAC.

Mr. Venan for Pemexa – UK

Brain Wave Solutions Inc.


  • Special Features
    • Recruitment management system

Has good understanding of technical issues, has excellent communication skills, responds quickly and is very detail oriented. Wish him all success in his future assignments!!

Mr. Hari for Brain Wave Solutions Inc.

Broadcast Baby


  • Special Features
    • Complete video and photo sharing solution
    • Fully automated online shop
    • Community management system with user profiles, groups and PM system.
    • Community Forum

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I’m very pleased with the website and its performance. I was very pleased with the communication as well. I recommend Ayoma to work on any of your projects! He’s the best there is!

Mrs. Brandy Reneau

The Rotary Club of Calgary South


  • Special Features
    • Automated event management system
    • Featured photo gallery
    • Automated bulletin/download management system with counters

Great work and great suggestions for the design of our website.

Mr. Patrick for The Rotary Club of Calgary South

IELTS Tutor (Discontinued)

  • Special Features
    • Paid subscriptions
    • Localization (Chinese , Japanese  and English)
    • Online submission of answers

I had a wonderful experience with Ayoma. He is a very honest hardworking patient coder. He is very prompt with all his replies and goes out of his way to explain anything you may not understand. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him for anyone who wants a website built. He is definitely someone you can trust and who will go the extra mile for you.


Update Project (IELTS Tutor) :

As usual just a wonderful experience working with the guy. I am a perfectionist and no job or detail is a problem for him. He is the best kept secret on RAC. Im just glad I found him.


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