Keeping broadband connection alive (avoid frequent disconnects)

(Keep Alive, Wireless Broadband Connections)

If you are using HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE, 3G or such wireless broadband connections, you might have noticed that sometimes internet connection suddenly gets disconnected. Frequent disconnects are common with local wireless broadband providers such as Mobitel and Dialog. Mentioned below is the working solution I am currently using to avoid such disconnects. However, this method could be useful for disconnecting issues related to Dial-up ADSL connection (ADSL Modems), including SLT ADSL disconnecting problems and regular dial-up connection issues.


Keeping Wireless Broadband Dial-up Connection Alive

I have noticed that locally available wireless broadband connections tend to disconnect when there is no active data transfer. At least it is the best known reason for Mobitel Wireless Broadband connections to disconnect. Below is a workaround to address the problem:

Under Windows:

  1. Open command prompt (Start -> Run -> Type “cmd” ->Press Enter)
  2. Type command “ping -t -l 1”
  • ping  – command sends an echo request to a given host regularly
  • – is the IP Address for Google Public DNS
  • -t option – instructs ping command to ping the specified host continuously.
  • -l 0 option – instructs ping command to send only 0 bytes and receive only 8 bytes of data per request (this is used to avoid unwanted bandwidth wastage by using default value of 32 bytes)

This will keep a connection open with Google Public DNS server and server will keep sending data to your computer, which helps in keeping the internet connection alive. If you are going to use this command frequently just create a BAT file with above command and place it in your desktop. BAT file that can be used to keep internet connection alive can be downloaded HERE.

Connect back as soon as being disconnected

Sometimes even above trick will not help much in keeping the connection alive,. That is if network is extremely busy, leaving no other choice that simply trying to reconnect. But Mobile Partner or other connection establishment tools might keep on saying “Error 678 – Remote computer did not respond” until you try it for about dozen of times. CiDial is a simple tool that can automate this redialing when dial-up connections get disconnected.


  • Download CiDial Here
  • Install and open CiDial
  • Go to “File” menu and select “Settings”
  • Adjust settings as required
  • Make sure that, “Auto reconnect” is enabled.
  • If your ISP do not require you to provide a password or username (as it is with Mobite Wireless Broadband and Dialog Wireless Broadband), just set them to some value like “a”, “a”. Do not leave them empty.

Shown below is my configuration for Dialog / Mobitel Wireless Broadband:


Leave a comment if this helped and feel free to share this with your friends! 🙂

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12 comments on “Keeping broadband connection alive (avoid frequent disconnects)

  1. Debmalya Ghosh June 18, 2011 8:00 PM

    This software works good but not fullfilling my needs!!!!
    I need a software which can redial the connection a previously given no of time and after that if connection is still disconnected then it can shutdown the PC by itself!!!!
    I need this software because sometimes I go outside while keep my PC on for downloads and when I come back I see my PC is off due to power cut, now I don’t want my PC to shut down illegaly due to power cut!!!! My modem is not connected with the UPS and it is on direct line so whenever power cuts the modem will go off first so how much you can redial you can’t get connected thats why I am asking for a software which can shut down the PC after some previously given no of redials!!!! Is there any software which can do that????
    Please advice!!!!

  2. Debmalya Ghosh June 18, 2011 8:02 PM

    By changing the DNS Server can we increase the download speed????

  3. Ayoma June 19, 2011 10:07 AM

    Debmalya Ghosh:

    By changing the DNS Server can we increase the download speed????

    Changing DNS Server can increase the connection speed but not the download speed.

    DNS servers are used to translate a domain name ( into the IP address ( of server related to given domain. So that, if you use a fast DNS Server it’ll quickly do the necessary translation, decreasing the initial connection time. But after the initial connection is established, required DNS record will probably be store under a local cache. Because of that, it’s not going to speed-up or slow-down the rest of page visits.

    When downloading a file, byte stream passes between server and client. Usually maximum of one DNS query is required to initiate a download (if multiple connections are not used) and rest of the operation is performed without support of DNS making it impossible to increase download speed using a faster DNS servers.

    If you are interested in testing different DNS Servers, you can compare your ISP’s DNS Server with open services such as: opendns ( ) and Google Public DNS ( ).

  4. Ayoma June 19, 2011 10:19 AM

    Debmalya Ghosh:

    This software works good but not fullfilling my needs!!!!
    I need a software which can redial the connection a previously given no of time and after that if connection is still disconnected then it can shutdown the PC by itself!!!!

    Hello Ghosh!

    Checked here and there for a similar solution but something like that seems not to be around because it’s kind of specific to your problem. But this is totally possible and developing something like that is an easy task. I’ll add it here if I get some free time to code this.


  5. phoenixstew February 17, 2012 9:08 AM

    You are a genius, My wireless modem would drop out between http requests when waiting for content to be delivered (and thus it never was). So I worked out if I started playing internet radio, the connection would stay open BUT it was such a bandwidth waste when I have lots of music to begin with. this method works great and only uses ~1b/sec. thankyou

  6. skate 3 xbox 360 August 17, 2014 4:48 PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on broadband. Regards

  7. a.mumeen October 20, 2015 4:51 PM

    pls for us using ndis base internet modem, how will we auto redial if disconnected

  8. Smitha733 August 14, 2016 7:42 PM

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  9. Shyam Chathuranga October 1, 2016 2:06 PM

    Thanks for the article. I have 1 question. I’m using SLT ADSL connection with a router and it disconnects often. It happens mostly when I’m using the internet for Online gaming, downloads and voice/video chat.

    This disconnecting thing is so annoying while playing online games. Is this a common problem with SLT ADSL connections? Or does it occur due to some issue with the router?


  10. Pep September 30, 2019 12:42 AM

    Worked oerfectly for me. Thanks

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